Yuri Lobyntsev

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CTO & co-founder of Cindicator

Yuri started coding at the age of ten. He is now an out-of-the-box inventor, investor, entrepreneur, and distributed application developer. Yuri has 10+ years of expertise in big data, machine learning, leading research groups, neuroscience and tech entrepreneurship. In 2015, Yuri сo-founded Cindicator.

He is passionate about new challenges and revolutionary ideas. Yuri is a member of the Global Shapers community and ambassador of both the Global Education Futures Initiative and the Seasteading Institute. He is a Blue Frontiers Advisor, as well as an avid traveller.

Company Info



Cindicator is a tokenised fintech company that has been developing its Hybrid Intelligence platform since 2015. In September 2017, Cindicator raised $15 million in a token sale that attracted over $500 million in applications. Now more than 120,000 highly motivated decentralised analysts use its platform. Analysts’ forecasts on crypto and traditional markets are enhanced with an extensive set of machine-learning models and neural networks. Cindicator exploits this symbiosis of humans and AI to create valuable trading indicators, predictive analytics and sentiments that improve investment decision-making amid high uncertainty for traders and investors. Cindicator’s analytical products are available exclusively to holders of CND tokens.


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