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Order Plus, food products supplier matching platform for restaurant

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We compare various food products suppliers ranging from farmers and wholesalers to large corporations to find best suppliers for restaurants. We provide 40 thousand types of food products with the partnership of 40 suppliers. Our platform recommends two to three suppliers for each restaurant to provide them with the best purchasing environment. The application allows users to order products and pay for them as well as check the order status, and delivers high quality customer service.


CEO Careers 

Completed educational programs at IGM Entrepreneur Academy

Bachelor’s degree in business administration at Seoul National University



2014.01 OhMyBeer Released

2016.04 Order Plus Released


Major Activities & Awards

USD 0.92 Million sales in 2017 and USD 2 Million sales by Oct. 2018

  1. 12 Selected as a K-Global 300 certified company
  2. 03 Won the top prize at K-Satrup Supporters Competition
  3. 06 Won the top prize at Samsung Card Open Innovation Business Plan Contest

2014 05 Selected as a Global K-startup program 2014 certified company



Company Info

Republic of Korea
Park Sang-jin


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