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A company makes games based using VR

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Bolthole develops games such as PC package, PC online, mobile, and VR games.

It was noticed that the launching of the Guns of Heroes game, which is capable of mobile and VR integration in the Australian market.


Guns of Heroes

Rail Shooting RPG that fuses, strengthens and evolves characters, and rails shooting RPG that fuses enemies with a gun while automatically moving the camera.

By installing one app, it is possible to use both forms of the mobile game and VR game at the same time.

By placing a “sneeze” at the top of the touched area to prevent the target from being covered by your finger,

Platform: Smartphone (Android, iOS), HMD (Google Cardboard)

Currently serving the US, Canada, and Australia (Android, iOS)

Black knights 

Timing action RPG with one hand to play with the vertical screen.

Provides a horizontal screen for playing games on a larger screen on the tablet.

It consists of various contents such as single mode, day mode, challenge mode and PVP mode.

Platform: Smartphone (Android, iOS)

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Republic of Korea
Seungjun Yang
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June 1, 2018
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June 1, 2019
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