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Developed ‘Zcon Studio’, which enables users to create their own translation glossaries and translation memories using accurate translation documents. Pre-processed data (glossary, translation memory) is applied to AI and a user-customized machine translator is provided.

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Who Sunbo Angel Partners are

Technology startup and global joint-stock company that operates a technology, industry and investment industry chain.

Sunbo Angel Partners is a business holding & investment firm which connects Technologies, Investments and Industries.

Sunbo Angel Partners (SAP) was founded in 2016, connecting technology businesses, Industry leading enterprises and investment, advancing the paradigm of open innovation to the next level, by accelerating the growth of 37 startups with the network of 100+ medium sized enterprises. SAP has led 25+ startups to receive funding from the TIPS program, brought overseas investments, successful M&A, established branches in Singapore and Europe, and been turning into a global holding company over 3 years.

With IBK Chang-Gong Startup Acceleration Program, Sunbo Angel Partners will invest in the industries for the future and help startups to grow into global businesses powered by the industry network of 100+ medium sized enterprises.


What Sunbo Angel Partners provide

– Direct investment, TIPS program ($100k+ investment and $600k+ government grant)

– Establish partnerships with global industry and investment networks

– Business model upgrades, trainings to be prepared for Series A investment

– Mentoring and entrepreneurship guidance form global experts

– Direct investment and TIPS program

With IBK Chang-Gong Startup Acceleration Program, by Sunbo Angel Partners

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