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Win the battle against the enemy with the huge weapon Machiknights. It is an RTS game that attacks the enemy’s kingdom and loots resources to develop the kingdom. Play your fierce battle in the steam-punk-based cute graphics. It is also important to worry about attacking the enemy, but it is also important to develop the kingdom and prevent enemy attacks. Compete with users from all over the world and join together with your favorite players to play together.


Game Features:

– Build your own army by combining Machiknights by considering their advantages and disadvantages.

– Strategically control your units by controlling the mode of Machiknights.

– Modes with changed Machiknights can have completely different features or become more powerful.

– Take advantage of Battleship, which directs the battle with various skills.

– Battleship is the strongest unit that can be directly controlled.

– Restore the Sun Temple and produce the ancient mysterious Machiknights Bagos.

– Feel the fun of a completely different battle with the Bagos mode that you can controll directly.

– Place Machiknights on the map and protect the kingdom.

– Feel the fun of a completely different defense with Machiknights, who moves by artificial intelligence and defends the kingdom.

– When you collect artifacts and restore the Guardian, defend the kingdom with the power of the Guardian you can use

– The effect of the Guardian’s power has powerful and various effects.

– Defend your enemy’s attack path with a defensive tower and an arrangement of walls.

– Build a hall and strategically place it.

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Republic of Korea
Gyoungheum Yeon
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June 1, 2018
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June 1, 2019
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