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Q. What is your company and what product/service do you offer?

We offer ‘MonthlyThing’ service, a period management app solution. We provide menstrual calendar app and PB sanitary pad products to make ‘The happiest month women can experience’. In Korea, we operate as a subscription model. Subscribers can choose their choice of pads and customize their monthly box delivered on their expected menstrual starting date. In the Southeast Asian market, we will provide a healthy experience of using our PB products and MonthlyThing app to manage menstrual health.


Q. How is AI applied in your product/service?

MonthlyThing’s AI engine analyzes women’s consumption data and menstruation data to recommend new products and increase the accuracy of the regular delivery date according to one’s expected menstrual date. Through the AI technology that trains and processes the data, we analyze the emotions and lifestyles of women differentiated according to the period cycle and provide the advertisement platform for the clients.


Q. How does this integration of AI help your customers/clients?

With AI, customers can use recommended products to find the product that best suits their physiological health. Based on menstruation data, the expected starting date of menstruation and the regular delivery date are set automatically, so you can receive the necessary products on the first day of menstruation and prepare for a sudden start of menstruation. In addition, relevant ads based on emotions and lifestyles can help clients increase their purchase conversion rates for products that meet customers’ needs.

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