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Professional camera app for Product photography

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Should the product photos be shot with your DSLR and corrected in Photoshop?

The current smartphone has a high-performance camera capable of taking pictures, a CPU and memory for image correction and editing, and data and Wi-fi for listing and managing products.

STORE Camera is an app developed by E-commerce sellers according to their actual needs. Now with professional image processing and machine learning technology, it is possible to shoot efficiently with one smartphone camera app.

CONSUMER : Pro Online sellers

Professional online sellers and vendors can shoot products efficiently without the burden of high labor costs and equipment.

CONSUMER : O2O provider(Offline stores)

Off-line store O2O sellers can remove the color of the store lighting with touch once after taking the product in the shop.

CONSUMER : SNS and individual sellers

SNS sellers such as Instagram and Blog, and secondhand sellers can raise their purchasing power by providing accurate color information and enhancing image quality.

Remove backgrounds and create shadows

With machine learning, you can quickly remove backgrounds and create shadows from product images. Especially, it is very useful when you sell it in online market place such as Amazon and Lazada where the background of product image should be white.

(It is currently supported only on iOS, and will soon be supported on Android.)

Essential features for product photography

Unlike Selfie and general photography which are shot in various environments, product photography usually shot in the same place such as in the house, at the store, at the office. When you shoot at the same place, you can save the first correction as a filter for quick correction. In addition, it is easy to remove the yellow color by the lighting in the shop. Also can remove dark areas and stains of the picture, and partial color change is possible.

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Seunghoon Lee
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June 1, 2018
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June 1, 2019
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