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All Network packets are entirely stored and can be reproduced.

Clear real time analysis of Internal and External threats

The exisiting security solutions show you alerts, issue description, only part of the logs analysis which made it difficult to follow upon. However, Network Blackbox gives you the clear analysis of the entire traffic in real time which it makes easier to track of all attacks.

Detect Abnormal behaviors in real time

Provide rule and policy to detect abnormal behavior within internal users sending consistent email to same location.

Restore User Screen

By restoring the user’s screen, user can check to see where and what website they were on without the use of Forensic.

Full Packet Data Integration

As the global security market moves into big data and machine learning, data integration that requires all the contents of the packet becomes a necessity.

Integration of Third Party solutions

Blackbox provides integration with various (API/EAI,JDBC etc) interfaces and various SIEM, APT (Sandbox), AV, and other security solutions.

Service provided for Hangul Users

Special support for Hangul users for only Local Korea environment. This special support is rarely founded in other Global Security solutions.

Engine designed from the lowest level

Built a new technology from lowest level up to the storage system
with a high performance environment and a unique design.

마이크로 아키텍쳐 설계
  • High Performance in Real Time Process

    10GB traffic per second in real time. (3TB traffic per 20 seconds)

  • Various Data Integration

    Processed data into the Redis serverfor simple integration of various services.

  • Micro Service Architecture

    Our service architecture is designed to operate independently, efficient and flexiblity.

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