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In the near future, more than 1,000,000,000 edge devices transmit data

How much time, money, and energy do you need to handle yourself?

QiSens is based on Hybrid Deep Learning System, 0.1% tolerance is not allowed

QiSens have ‘High accuracy object recognition network platform’ technology.

QiSens works with the best experts in each field

We have developed the world’s best artificial intelligence image analysis solution,

We are studying to build the optimal intelligent system required by the market.



1. IDS: Incident Detection System

A system that detects the situation on the road Automatically detects the situation that may cause an accident and notifies the road operation center

2. ALPR: Automotive License Plate Recognition

High accuracy to recognize license plate even in bad weather condition

(Record the highest score in Korea in the bidding of license plate recognizer of Korea Highway Corporation in 2017)


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Republic of Korea
Jinwook Choi
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June 1, 2018
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June 1, 2019
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