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Rapid Diagnostic Test (20 products; HIV, Dengue, FOB, hepatitis, influenza)

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A rapid diagnostic test (RDT) is a medical diagnostic test that is quick and easy to perform. RDTs are suitable for preliminary or emergency medical screening and for use in medical facilities with limited resources. They also allow point-of-care testing in primary care for things that formerly only a laboratory test could measure. They provide same-day results within two hours, typically in approximately 20 minutes.

Prime4Dia is R&D group and manufacturer for in vitro diagnostic products from South Korea. Prime4Dia is focusing its efforts on Point of Care Testing (POCT) as its core strategic business. Prime4Dia is developing proprietary and unique core technologies for the development of world class rapid immunochromatographic assay and ELISA systems. Prime4Dia has established its unique position in the IVD industry as a total solution provider for all kind of rapid test, raw materials and semi-finished products. We have already developed and produce over than twenty rapid diagnostic tests like HIV, Dengue, FOB, hepatitis, influenza and so forth.

We are in the process of overseas technology transfer business, and now we have contracted with a Japanese company and are moving on technology transfer of influenza kit. In addition, the technology transfer of infectious disease rapid test is being discussed with each company in India and Vietnam, while a company in India is almost finished building a facility.

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