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Melephant is a Korean online video bidding service providing a real-time, online one-stop service.

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Melephant Inc. is developing and preparing a mobile platform service where users can tell stories through videos and enjoy them. With founding members who have various experiences in fields such as entertainment, game, and content publishing, the company started with a vision of ‘creating a new video entertainment culture !’ and released Funch in August 2015.

Based on the customers’ feedbacks and responses, we have developed a more advanced short video service, SeeSaw (tentative title, Mobile Video App.) of the “10 Second Video Cast” concept, for which we are preparing a product launch in Nov. 2015.

[Characteristics] Melephant Inc.’s competitive strengths are:

• 5 major technologies that realize ideas:(1. Server Architecture and Streaming Technology, 2. Video Mixing Technology, 3. Video Compression and Optimization Technology, 4. Video Filtering Technology, 5. Video Content Recommendation Engine with A.I. & Machine Learning Algorithm, etc. are developed and owned by the company.)

• Founding members who have experiences in commercializing ideas successfully (With a strong teamwork based on more than 7 years of relationship, the team has the expertise in areas including the development, marketing, and content publishing, and abundant problem-solving experiences.)


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Republic of Korea
Jaehwan Park
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June 1, 2018
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June 1, 2019
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