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LEMCA has created an A.I. suction device that is both automatic and unmanned.  The CEO Jung Kil Kang has over 13 years of experience in the medical device industry.  He felt there were just too many issues with existing products out there.  Patient care requires 24-hour care and for humans, that is difficult to do.  There are also high risks of infection and a lot of medical waste is generated and overall resulting in high medical costs.  This is why LEMCA was created to make an automatic, unmanned, artificial intelligence suction device.

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The device measures and collects respiratory information of patients.  The analyze the basic breathing flow and pressure of the patient as well as analyze the breathing pattern and lung sounds.  So they will have a strong database regarding the respiratory system.  The A.I. and not the human decides whether to remove the sputum.  The cost saved because of this device is $2,400 for an average 2 week stay by a patient in the ICU.

LMECA is planning to expand into the Chinese market as well as the U.S. market in 2018.  By 2027 they hope to be in 125 countries.  Every country will need this device because it will reduce the cross-infection in hospitals, reduce nursing care costs, reduce materials for medical treatment and reduce medical waste.

LMECAPatients will benefit the most as they will decrease the pain of bronchial adsorption and reduce surgical infection by 99.9%.  LMECA looks to be the first to use an automatic suction type.  They are leading the way in this field as there is a rise in demand for patients and an increasingly aging population.  Being the first to market is the biggest advantage LMECA has at the moment.  Therefore if they are successful, they had so far in Korea they are in the perfect spot to go global.

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