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Park has a wide range of experience, from working as a PM for service and product planning in an energy startup based on IoT to a researcher in KT Research Institute for Economics and Business Management, a conglomerate research center. He was engaged in a national project for energy demand management, new business model research and in-house consulting for a global communications firm, and the latest ICT trend research such as business trend for global media/contents.

In the area of startup accelerating, Kang was the PL of the M.Start Project launched by Hyundai Mobis and ROA Invention Lab, the first in Korea for auto-tech startups, and took the lead in inbound and outbound deal sourcing and discovering companies.


Main Reference


ROA Invention Lab Inc.(Team Manager)

Managing Open Innovation Project


Encored Technologies Korea Inc.(Team Manager)

Product planning and marketing


KT Research Institute for Economics and Business Management (Manager)

Communications and media research/consulting


Samsung Electronics Home Network Team (Staff member)

Product planning


CCR (Staff member)




Michigan State University 

Master of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media

Yonsei University

Bachelor of Business Administration


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In the Vertical Platform field, especially in Mobile O2O&On-Demand Tech and Service, ROA Invention LAB Inc. has been deeply engaged in the area as a one of top-tier accelerators and seed investors in Korea. What the most differential part of ROA Invention LAB Inc. compared to other accelerators is to have strong tie with big conglomerates such as SKT, Hyndai Motor Group, Hyundai Mobis and KB Kook-Min Card, etc. which are number one position in their own field including Telecom, Automobile and Finance sector. ROA Invention LAB Inc. has been collaborating with them since 2016 and accelerating over 100 startup companies through mutual partnership and co-branded accelerating programs.

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