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The main products of Biotruss, T-1000 and K-7000, which  are eco-friendly sterilizing devices for inland aquafarms and were verified to help to produce more than 20~30% bigger size of young abalones in Wando island in Korea. Also, submerged electrolyzer (SLbuster) is to create electrolysis oxidizing water with a residual chlorine at a low concentration obtained through electrolysis. Chlorine was kept at 0.05 mg level after the installation of two units of SLbuster in 350RT size of cooling tower and was able to remove considerable amount of scale.

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Biotruss Co. Ltd. produces the sterilizing and scale removing device(SLbuster) for cooling tower of large building rooftop,  the eco-friendly sea water sterilization device (T-1000/K-7000)for inland aquafarms breeding young abalones and fishes. It also plans to manufacture BT BWMS (Biotruss Ballast Water Management System) based on totally innovative and cost effective technology.

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Republic of Korea
Yong Choo
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