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As Founder and CEO of Genium, a premium software development and agile consulting firm. I bring 10+ years of experience in connecting innovative companies with world-class software engineers globally.

At Genium, I have led more than 100 engineers, developers, and other experts, helping companies to create secure, cutting-edge mobile and web applications as well as to hire and build scalable, talented teams tailored to their project’s needs.

I am an experienced iOS and Android Developer/System Architect/Project Manager who has overseen, designed and developed over 100+ mobile and web products using emerging tech as well as agile development methods that accelerate time to market and ensure quality.

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Specialties: PJSIP, VoIP, Encrypted storage, Secure Mobile Applications, Unity, AR/VR, Game Development, Magento, eCommerce, CoreData, Encrypted RestKit, Management, Business Development, Software Architecture, Objective-C, iOS application development, Ruby on Rails, StrangeIoC, JavaScrip, React Native, Java, Android, user experience and interface aesthetics, team leadership, team development, data synchronization, mobility, collaboration solutions, communications protocols, database design, efficient client implementation, remote teams, own development center, custom projects.

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