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  • Chinaccelerator Batch 15 Demo Day Livestream

    Chinaccelerator Batch 15 is coming to its demo day on June 5th in Shanghai. Our demo day will be available online via live stream. As our partner, we would like to invite you to join the live stream and have a better sense on the latest batch.
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  • AAA Founders Day – KIROBO

    Kirobo is developing a system that is capable of backing Assets on the blockchain regardless of the private key, meaning that even if you lose the private key, the assets are still backed up. And all this happened even though you did not reveal your private key at any point.
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  • Business Hour x 01booster

    Japan market entry seminar with AAA. We are looking for startup seriously want to enter japan market. 01booster will host the event.
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  • MOX Demo Day #6

    MOX, the Mobile Only Accelerator backed by  Silicon Valley headquartered venture fund SOSV with USD 550m assets under management, kicked off its 6th batch in mid-January with six companies selected out of hundreds of applicants. We welcome you to meet the teams at MOX Demo Day 6 event on February 26th in Taipei and on March 1st in Singapore!  
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  • Investor day

    Chainers Inc is looking for Gaming startup!

    Date : (Friday) 22/02/2019

    Time :  4pm (KST - Korea standard time) 

    This event is hosted by an investor to find a startup. Keywords are blockchain based game startup. You're going to apply the blockchain technology on your product? No problem.

    Chainers Inc is No.1 Blockchain industry focused business development & advisory service company in South Korea,It is set up as a JV company between Vision Creator (South Korea based Cross-border M&A advisory, Venture capital investment firm ) and The Blockchainer (NO.1 service provider in blockchain industry in China)

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  • AAA Founders Day – Alprockz / Cartesi

    The Founders Day event introduces a promising start-up to you. this time, Blockchain-based startup will pitch and offer their product. The brief introduction of the participating companies is shown below and you can download 'whitepaper' too.
    Alprockz - They have item 'ROCKZ' Rockz is backed by the world’s strongest and most sustainable currency, the Swiss Franc. For every Rockz issued, one Swiss Franc is held under reserve, legally enforceable by its owners.  (https://alprockz.ch/)
    Cartesi -  Cartesi is a technology allowing for the development and deployment of complex public and enterprise blockchain applications. Cartesi allows developers to unlock all of the tools that have been available in the development of the web 2.0 thus far; doing all required processing involving large amounts of data outside the blockchain in a verifiable way. Decentralized applications using Cartesi are scalable, cost effective, and easy to build. (https://cartesi.io/)
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  • AAA Accelerator day (Chinaccelerator Batch 15)

    ONLINE SEMINAR with Chinaccelerator
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  • Across Asia Hub in Seoul

    The Across Asia Alliance is the closed-community of startups-related organization which aims to help the cross-border startups scale-up by exchanging the portfolio across Asia To build online platform in which all members could share the information such as investor reports, people, webinar, roadshow, deals, in each startup hubs with the purpose of helping early-stage funding and business development
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