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  • S-Booster Program

    Space-based Business Idea Contest
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  • Hapbeat

    Hapbeat turns your everyday music into the full body experience you get at the club or a concert.
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  • O: Inc.

    Redefining Chrono. All-in-one health management tool for corporate to monitor their employees health (Privacy protected)
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  • AssistMotion Inc.

    Robotic innovations for humans.
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  • Plainnovation Inc.

    Design, engineering company that creates new "fun" in the world
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  • QunaSys Inc.

    QunaSys develops technology that brings out the maximum potential of Quantum Computer and delivers innovation to society.
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  • Borderless Inc.

    Product Design & Development, Design Management & Strategy Planning
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  • Business Hour x 01booster

    Japan market entry seminar with AAA. We are looking for startup seriously want to enter japan market. 01booster will host the event.
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  • Matcher

    Matcher is a phone app that help e-sport players finding the perfect teammate. When a player creates a Matcher profile, we scrap his game statistics and make him take a personality test to understand his skill level, playstyle, objectives... Then, our AI-powered matching engine finds 4 or 5 other players to form a team of the same language, level and of complementary skill sets. The app features in-app advertisement and special events sponsored by brands which are matched to players thanks to all the data the app generates.
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  • Takeru Kawashima

    Director@ 01Booster, Inc. Co-founder@ Startup Embassy Japan, Inc. He previously worked as a Regional Manager in EMEA for Medical Business Development/Regional Strategy Planning at Japanese Medical Device Manufacturer. Then, moved to Swiss company as a product manager. Eventually joined 01Booster, and he managed a couple of Corporate Accelerator program. Currently, he is in charge of global business development of 01Booster, and co-founded Startup Embassy Japan, Inc. for supporting global entrepreneurs.
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  • Trinus, Inc.

    Trinus is a platform for R&D team from corporations, Designers, and Users. By leveraging its designer's network, Trinus can provide the best design driven product coming up from its competition, and R&D can utilize its high technology.  
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  • YAMAP, Inc.

    YAMAP is the biggest community of Climbers in Japan.
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  • Blincam, Inc.

    Blincam produces the hands-free camera, which can be attached to any glasses, and take a photo by just a wink. Currently looking for global expansion from USA.  
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    HACHITAMA produces "TOLETTA", smart IoT toilet for cats. It could detect CKD by monitoring early symptoms. It can also identify cat's face by the attached camera. Currently looking for global expansion.
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