• Bigbang Angels Inc.

    With over 70 portfolio companies, Bigbang Angels have become one of the most active, value-adding seed-stage venture capitals in Seoul, best known for growing a unicorn like Lezhin comics. As a board member of Across Asia Alliance, Bigbang Angels is welcoming solid startups, accelerators & investors to thrive across Asia.
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  • 01Booster

    01Booster is a seed accelerator especially focuses on Asian market. Basically we collaborate with Japanese large to middle size companies to support Startups. We also support Japanese Rural area and international business. Our main office is located in Tokyo, and we have strong management team consist of entrepreneurs MBA who have experience of IPO, buyout of their startups. If you have any question, feel free to ask us!
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    In the Vertical Platform field, especially in Mobile O2O&On-Demand Tech and Service, ROA Invention LAB Inc. has been deeply engaged in the area as a one of top-tier accelerators and seed investors in Korea. What the most differential part of ROA Invention LAB Inc. compared to other accelerators is to have strong tie with big conglomerates such as SKT, Hyndai Motor Group, Hyundai Mobis and KB Kook-Min Card, etc. which are number one position in their own field including Telecom, Automobile and Finance sector. ROA Invention LAB Inc. has been collaborating with them since 2016 and accelerating over 100 startup companies through mutual partnership and co-branded accelerating programs.
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  • SOSV

    SOSV has funded over 500 startups. We currently fund over 150 startups per year through our accelerator programs focused on a few key areas: HAX (hardware and connected devices), IndieBio (synthetic biology), Chinaccelerator(software) and Food-X (food business). Our net IRR over the last 20 years puts us in the top 10% of all venture funds worldwide. Are you a potential market champion that is pioneering new ground? Join one of our accelerators and let’s shoot for the moon together!
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  • Blue startups

    Blue Startups is focused on helping technology companies compete on a global scale. With an extensive global network, Blue Startups is a nexus of entrepreneurial activity in Hawai‘i, and between Asia and North America.
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  • Magna Investment

    Magna Investment is a Venture Capital, Accelerator, and Private Equity management company specializing in early-stage startups and small & medium-sized enterprises.
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  • Payvil

    ​Emolize was established in order to make a world that can settle easily like a local in foreign countries. With the development of mobile apps, we aimed to travel without a wallet or to visit overseas. ​Emolize has been developing various fintech projects (including government projects) Emolize is looking for a variety of overseas payment companies and will continue to do so as a partner in pursuit of mutual benefit. Emolize will soon be introducing a virtual money system to broaden its reach to its members and partners.
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