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  • Trinus, Inc.

    Trinus is a platform for R&D team from corporations, Designers, and Users. By leveraging its designer's network, Trinus can provide the best design driven product coming up from its competition, and R&D can utilize its high technology.  
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  • YAMAP, Inc.

    YAMAP is the biggest community of Climbers in Japan.
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  • Blincam, Inc.

    Blincam produces the hands-free camera, which can be attached to any glasses, and take a photo by just a wink. Currently looking for global expansion from USA.  
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    HACHITAMA produces "TOLETTA", smart IoT toilet for cats. It could detect CKD by monitoring early symptoms. It can also identify cat's face by the attached camera. Currently looking for global expansion.
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  • Teplo

    IoT Smart Bottle
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