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  • Mokibo : touchpad embedded keyboard

    Mokibo is a multi-functional human interface that turns the entire surface of a mechanical keyboard into a large touchpad.
    Mokibo has the following benefits.
    1. Excellent portability. Because a single device has both a keyboard and a touchpad. Mokibo has the potential to make thinner and lighter notebooks as well as portable keyboards.
    2. 300% large touchpad. It provides a touchpad that is three times larger than a normal touchpad, even though it does not take up any space in addition to the keyboard.
    3. No arm movement. You do not have to move your arm to grab the mouse. Thus, the muscle damage would be reduced and the switching speed between keyboard and pointing device would be 60% faster.
    Mokibo enables the normal notebook
    1. 4.3% thinner
    2. 3.9% lighter
    3. 315% larger touchpad
    Mokibo is essential for the following reasons.
    1. It is optimized for the mobile age. It does not need a separate touch pad, so it is light in volume and weight.
    2. A 10-inch laptop with a full-size keyboard and a large touchpad can be made. For laptops less than 10 inches, it is not possible to put conventional the keyboard and touchpad together. It is also why notebooks under 10 inches are not very popular.
    3. The Tablet PC's touchscreen is not good enough for even simple spread sheet work. But it is too cumbersome to carry a mouse.
    4. Various human interfaces such as voice and gesture have appeared, but keyboard and pointing device will remain as a main interface for more than a decade.
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  • Matcher

    Matcher is a phone app that help e-sport players finding the perfect teammate. When a player creates a Matcher profile, we scrap his game statistics and make him take a personality test to understand his skill level, playstyle, objectives... Then, our AI-powered matching engine finds 4 or 5 other players to form a team of the same language, level and of complementary skill sets. The app features in-app advertisement and special events sponsored by brands which are matched to players thanks to all the data the app generates.
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  • Wehome, Home Sharing on Blockchain

    Wehome is a home sharing on blockchain, owned by guests and hosts. There  is 0% commissions and incentives for quality guaranteed properties.
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  • Volthole

    A company makes games based using VR
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  • Sereine Lab

    My own facial oils made from my skin data
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  • Kozaza

    Kozaza has been officially designated and financially supported as a sharing company by the Seoul Metropolitan Goverment since April 2013.
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  • Radsone

    Radsone, short for Radical Sound, is a full stack audio company with a vision to make everyone enjoy high-quality sound easier than before.
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    Temperature and humidity monitoring service based on IoT
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    GOQUAL makes a smart light switch  
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    IT&BASIC was established to solve the most 'BASIC' communication problems in the relationship between people through IT & BASIC technology.
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  • Lezhin Entertainment

    Lezhin Comics is a webtoon portal that is based in South Korea and its services are offered in Korean, Japanese and English.
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  • Qisens

    World Class AI Expert Group that makes AI solutions
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  • GSIL

    A Company Specializing In Construction Safety Management Systems
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  • Repic

    Repic is an app that manages receipts by taking a picture
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  • Promisope

    Promisope is a company which defines and solves problems for disabled and incurable patients.
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