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  • Prime4Dia_RDT

    Mobile Healthcare Rapid Diagnostic Test (20 products; HIV, Dengue, FOB, hepatitis, influenza)
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  • Payvil

    Payvil : Cross Border Mobile Payment Solution app
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  • XbarX

    Order Plus, food products supplier matching platform for restaurant
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  • Biotruss Co. Ltd.

    The main products of Biotruss, T-1000 and K-7000, which  are eco-friendly sterilizing devices for inland aquafarms and were verified to help to produce more than 20~30% bigger size of young abalones in Wando island in Korea. Also, submerged electrolyzer (SLbuster) is to create electrolysis oxidizing water with a residual chlorine at a low concentration obtained through electrolysis. Chlorine was kept at 0.05 mg level after the installation of two units of SLbuster in 350RT size of cooling tower and was able to remove considerable amount of scale.
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  • Mokibo : touchpad embedded keyboard

    Mokibo is a multi-functional human interface that turns the entire surface of a mechanical keyboard into a large touchpad.
    Mokibo has the following benefits.
    1. Excellent portability. Because a single device has both a keyboard and a touchpad. Mokibo has the potential to make thinner and lighter notebooks as well as portable keyboards.
    2. 300% large touchpad. It provides a touchpad that is three times larger than a normal touchpad, even though it does not take up any space in addition to the keyboard.
    3. No arm movement. You do not have to move your arm to grab the mouse. Thus, the muscle damage would be reduced and the switching speed between keyboard and pointing device would be 60% faster.
    Mokibo enables the normal notebook
    1. 4.3% thinner
    2. 3.9% lighter
    3. 315% larger touchpad
    Mokibo is essential for the following reasons.
    1. It is optimized for the mobile age. It does not need a separate touch pad, so it is light in volume and weight.
    2. A 10-inch laptop with a full-size keyboard and a large touchpad can be made. For laptops less than 10 inches, it is not possible to put conventional the keyboard and touchpad together. It is also why notebooks under 10 inches are not very popular.
    3. The Tablet PC's touchscreen is not good enough for even simple spread sheet work. But it is too cumbersome to carry a mouse.
    4. Various human interfaces such as voice and gesture have appeared, but keyboard and pointing device will remain as a main interface for more than a decade.
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