Across Asia Alliance Policy

The alliance of startup related organizations to connect the scale-up startups with investors by cross-border networking across Asia


  • AAA is an association that global investor from Asia who takes a look at the excellent start-up companies’ portfolio and let them debut globalwise to scale-up. Start-up hub from each countries’ accelerator supports global network to scale-up series A~C stages of start-up company.)
  • AAA helps investor, start-up, and major companies can go across other countries and sharing information and using network efficiently by using online platform
  • If you become a member of AAA, you can access all the information of global investors’ information, certified start-up’s information, and mentors’ who are helping start-up companies to go globally. This platform holds various on and off online network event, and members can all participate the event.

AAA platform is a closed community that members can only join from connector member’s recommendation.

  • Sign up process

inviting connector → join AAA site → Enter Company’s information → Request approval → get admission from manager.

  • Types of Member
  • Member who are actively enroll the mentor, start-up, investor’s information, and also an accelerator agency which offers various contents and event.)
  • All members must register 20 start-ups and 30 expert mentors with the introduction of the company.
  • Investor is a member who searches a certified start-ups and event
  • All members must write their companies’ information on the site.
  • enterprise who looking for proven startup and event
  • All members must write their companies’ information on the site.
  • Connector’s Portfolio Start-up.
  • All of member have to introduce their company. IR highly recommended.
  • Contributor is a member that are agencies, Non-Profit Organization, Incubator.
  • All member have to introduce their companies.
Category Activity
Event – Webinar

–  Business Hour ( Investor / Enterprises / Mentor/  etc)

– Roadshow

Connect – with Startup

– with People ( Investor / Enterprises / Mentor )

News – Accelerating Program PR


3.1 Event

3.1.1 Webinar (1 : N)

  • Accelerator day : An event hosted by an accelerator. Introducing their own programm for Startup
  • Enterprise(investor) Day : An event hosted by company’s open innovation programme. Introducing their own programme for Startup
  • Founders day : An event hosted by startup. Introducing their item to investor
  • Mentoring day : A form of program that Mentor can P.R. an educational contents which he insists

3.1.2 Business Hour (Investor Call) up to 2

  • Investor chooses regular business hour, only receiving 2 start-up that are applying and make a progress of work.
  • Investor is a host of event, different from Webinar, but can earn a point

3.1.3 Roadshow

  • Private event(can be demoday) for investor who gets recommendation by local accelerator, and start-up who gets recommendation by global accelerator, and participates.


3.2 Connect

3.2.1 Startup Meeting  

  • Accelerator connects the meeting to VC/CVC when they chooses certain start-up and asking for meeting

3.2.2 People Meeting

  • Accelerator connects to VC/CVC/Mentors when Start-up wants to have a meeting with certain VC/CVC/Mentors


3.3 NEWS   

  • Various News of connector member, and introducing Accelerator and programme

Earn & Use point  (2019)

Earning the point (Non-refundable)

Beneficiary Activity Connector Investor/Enterprise Startup Comment
Member who join or invite others Self


5000p* 100p 100p *Connector receives point when enroll 50 item.
Invite others 200p 100p* 100p* *needs admission from Commitee.
Member who register the item Startup

info & Contact

200p 100p 100p* *needs admission from Commitee.


200p 100p 100p* *needs admission from Commitee.

IR Deck

300p 200p 200p* *needs admission from Commitee.
Member who Attend

the event as a Guest


Accelerator day 50p* 50p* 100p *Needs screening of participants from Host
Enterprise day 100p 100p 100p
Founder day 100p 100p 100p


100p 100p 100p Open seminar for mentor’s promotion
Organizer Business


200p 200p N/A Schedule is confirmed in advance. , Investor/Mentor gained points

(someone who was asked to attend a meeting)

Startup Meeting 300p 300p Start-up Registered Organizations will receive points

(Direct meeting needs to be arranged.)

People Meeting 300p 300p People(Mentors) Registered Organizations will receive points

(Direct meeting needs to be arranged.)

  • Who can enroll the item?
    • Can start-up enroll themselves? NO
    • Can Start-up enroll the other Start-up? NO
    • Can Start-up enroll People? NO
    • Contributor can enroll, but points given low.
    • Connector / Investor / Enterprise can enroll it


Using Point

Consumer Activity Connector Investor/Enterprise Startup Comment


Accelerator day 300p When event host promotes the event, make the host pay the point.
Investor day 300p
Founder day 300p


Attendee Business Hour 200p 200p 200p Depends on the organiser
Roadshow 1000p~






Apply according to local situation
Member who request the meeting

(Connect service)

Startup Meeting

(with IR deck)

500p 500p 500p Point when gets connected


People Meeting 500p 500p 500p