About Across Asia Alliance

Startup Organization Alliance for Cross-Border Innovation


The Across Asia Alliance (AAA) is the community of organizations to connect the startups and investors by cross-border networking across Asia startup hubs

All members will exchange the investor proposal and business report written by the start-up with members from other countries in the online platform. In addition, each member will join online and offline activities such as Introduction call, Webinar to help international networking between regional investors, enterprises, mentors, and start-ups.

Benefit for related organization

Cost-effective deal sourcing to Investor(VC/CVC)
  • Find easily proven company
    • Which are invested by members by purchasing the investor report which has not been exposed publicly
  • Join the online IR real-time
    • Easily to participate in online IR events of startups that are proven in other countries in real time
  • Get early access to deals
    • You can preview and participate in funding schedules of interested companies, attending online, offline private IR roadshow
Leveraging global partners for Accelerator/Incubator
  • Help the portfolio globally
    • You can easily introduce a regional mentor, investors for early-stage funding and growth in target market
  • Sourcing the global startups
    • More easily invite global start-ups through joint programs and mutual referrals
  • Co-invest with matching fund
    • Global investors and regional accelerators are jointly invested through regional funds (ex: TIPS)
Open Innovation with proven startups for Enterprises
  • Start with startups right now
    • Create business opportunities right from start-up with products and services identified in other cities
  • Open innovation globally
    • Open Innovation can operate with startups recommended by members from other countries
  • More easily meet by online
    • Enterprises can easily meet global start-ups across borders through webinars and conference calls


In the near future, AAA plans activities such as joint investment fund and ICO roadshow and will grow into an important alliance that will create a virtuous cycle of Asian start-up ecosystem



700M$ +



Follow-on Capital

640M$ +



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