AAA’s New Connector Member – SparkLabs

All of our founders are entrepreneurs who have built companies in Korea and the U.S.
We have bootstrapped, funded our companies by credit cards, raised angel funding and secured venture capital.
We have endured the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, gone through our share of successes and failures,
and have developed a strong desire to help out the next generation of global entrepreneurs.

SparkLabs Mentorship-Driven Accelerator Program


SparkLabs’ mission is to help our startups succeed globally, more specifically to secure the next round of funding. We help startups attract not only investors, but also prominent global investors.


SparkLabs invests up to $40,000 in all startups in exchange for up to 6% equity of each startups. This percentage is negotiable depending on the startup’s size and investment status.

Each startup gets matched with 4 to 6 mentors. We consider our global mentors to be our greatest asset. Our mentors have succeeded in each of their respective industries, such as the Internet of Things, mobile, online games, e-commerce, digital media, hardware, healthcare and the Internet.

We believe that our startups will grow exponentially through weekly sessions with our world-class mentors.

Every week, startups participate in our weekly teaching sessions, where they have the opportunity to learn from and network with renowned Korean and international entrepreneurs. In addition during Office Hours, startups can seek intensive feedback from SparkLabs’ General Partners.

Demo Day highlights the end of our accelerator program. At this event, startups have the opportunity to pitch to eminent global investors.

Additionally, startups can gain much needed exposure and promote themselves in front of the media and influential figures from the industry.

SparkLabs provides free office space in MARU180, the center of Korea’s startup scene, and over $900,000 worth of perks, ranging from cloud services, legal counsel and SendGrid. In addition, SparkLabs is the first Korean member of Global Accelerator Network (GAN), which means that our startups can also get GAN’s diverse perks.