AAA’s New Connector Member – Coolidge Corner Investment

We invest in passionate entrepreneurs. Coolidge Corner Investment (CCVC) provides Seed and Seed+ funding to the most innovative tech startup companies in Korea. We proudly provide our portfolio companies a customized support in professional incubating, growth hacking, strategy, network and more.

We assist social impact entrepreneurs. who open up markets, increase productivity, and improve standards of living for the brighter future. We believe the power of a few committed people to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

We believe founders who have courage. Courage means ingnoring conventional wisdom. Instead of predicting the future, we look to our founders to convince us of what’s next. That’s why we don’t focus on any one sector. The one thing each of our companies have in common – we met them with common philosophy; investment is a marriage.


We Build Trust With Founders. We like working with founders in early-stage companies. We provide funding as well as the professional incubating program, including office spaces for the purpose of maximizing equity value creation.
We always keep our founders within shouting distance so that we can reach them as fast as
we can to provide them assistance at any time.